This Shortfilm festival in Halle takes place each November in the LUX cinema. The festival premiered in 2000.

Youth Video Award of Saxony-Anhalt. For the 13th time the seven public channels organize this event. The films are produced and awarded by young pupils or students.

The Dreiland film festival in Görlitz gives German, Polish and Czech directors the opportunity to exchange production experience and to get in contact to filmmakers from other cultural backgrounds. The festival is organized by young people who are eager to use film as a medium to show and to experience the ordinary life of the different countries.


"Crème de la Crème" of german Shortfilm Festivals

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg

Interfilm Berlin, Internationales Kurzfilmfestival

Filmfest Dresden - Internationales Festival für Animations- und Kurzfilm

Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche

Internationales Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart

Europäisches Kurzfilmfestival Ludwigsburg

Stuttgarter Filmwinter

Osnabrück, Europäisches Medienkunst Festival



Das Kurzfilmmagazin



Producers/ Studios

Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. (Halle)
Werkleitz Gesellschaft is a friendly society that supports the realization of film, art and media projects. It is organizing the Werkleitz Biennale, which is a filmfestival as well as an international forum for media and art. The society is supported by the department of culture of the country of Saxony-Anhalt. There scholarships given to specially skilled young artists and their projects.

Audio-visual center of the University of Magdeburg
It provides the students of the University with a wide range off high end equipment. Cameras, Beamers, fast computers to cut the films and a kind advisory service are vital parts of this institution. Above all seminars can be visited by the students to learn new techniques of filmmaking from professionals.

The public channels of Saxony-Anhalt
(Magdeburg, Dessau, Salzwedel, Stendal, Wernigerode, Wittenberg, Merseburg-Querfurt, Wettin)
Everyone who is interested in films finds all he needs to crate his own film here at the public channels. After taking seminars to get to know the cameras and the equipment required to make a movie, you can borrow all you need the realize your project.



 Sponsoren/ Kooperationspartner



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