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Every film requires a crew and every festival needs a reliable team working behind the scenes. The team of the Short Film Festival – halbbilder is made up of members of the friendly society romaro e.V. and the AG-Film of the grammar school of Oschersleben as well as many other volunteers, who spent a great deal of time organizing the festival .Without this kind of honorary engagement halbbilder would not be possible.

Romaro was founded in autumn 2003. Its aim was and still is, to promote short films as objects of cultural value. Thereby, the main focus of this engagement is on the distribution of the communication media short film throughout the region of Saxony-Anhalt. In doing so, we hope to encourage the youth to engage in short film making. At the same time we want to support small and unconventional cinemas and their projects. All our work is focussed on these principles.

Founders of romaro and initiators of the festival were four students. Despite the fact that after school the four ended up in different regions of Germany they met regularly to plan film projects.

They premiered in 2001 with the documentary “Normiertes Glück” (Standardized Luck). It describes the situation of the people living in the buildings made with precast concrete slabs, which the former GDR used to build throughout the 1970s. The film grasps the atmosphere of the city of Halle ten years after the wall came down. A portrait about a city, its citizens and their conjoint past.



The second project, again a documentary, was set up to capture the atmosphere in a night train. The film, which premiered in 2002, was called “Nachtzug”. On a trip from the north of Germany to the south, between dusk and dawn, totally different people tell their story. The train left Rostock at 18:47 and arrived in Munich at 07:55. Eleven hours in a provisional place. No longer here and not yet there. Time spent with strangers, looking out of the window. Time to eat, to sleep, to talk or to tell one of the extraordinary stories everybody has to tell.


After some less successful productions, the idea of giving other filmmakers a stage to present their films quickly emerged. It was meant to give young people with ideas a motivation and a forum to realize them. The festival should serve as a platform for amateurs and professionals likewise. To link the experience and the know-how of one with the ideas of the other is the fundamental idea of the festival and all other projects of the friendly society romaro.



In autumn 2005 romaro founded the working group at the grammar school in Oschersleben. In doing so, an opportunity for the youth to have access to short films and to take part in preparing the festival had been created. The weekly meetings are accompanied and directed by members of romaro. The members of the AG-Film are directly confronted with the organization of the festival and the problems that unfold in doing so. The supporting programme that is organized by the AG-Film serves to facilitate communication between professionals and amateurs.
The members of the AG-Film are the festival organizers of tomorrow.


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