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“Films out of the new member states”

Short films from the new members of the European Union are a main focus of this year’s festival. Film makers from the youngest EU-countries shall present their work within this category. The audience will be introduced to a young and very dynamic region of short film making and will get to know the new EU member states right from their seats in the cinema. The different aspects of short film, its up-to-dateness and the possibility to experiment with innovative film making techniques will serve to encourage the rapprochement of different cultures.
It is our aim to present different cultural aspects, landscapes or simply stories of the people from those countries.

Short Films from Saxony-Anhalt

The Team behind  halbbilder  has set off to detect hidden talents of short film making in Saxony-Anhalt. Many young film makers do not have the opportunity to present their work to a larger audience or they simply lack courage to realize their ideas. This category has been set up to change that and to pave the way onto the stage and perhaps into a promising future in film making for the youngsters. We want them to get the feedback they deserve. Nevertheless, we would like to welcome more experienced film makers from Saxony-Anhalt to be a part of the festival as well. Without an age limit this category allows everybody to hand in his or her film and to contribute to short films as objects of cultural value.

Short films from school

Film making is not easy. Short films might be a start. In this category it is up to the pupils to hand in their piece of work. Make a film for yourself, together in class or with other classmates. Ask your teacher for support. The films do not require being technically perfect or of advanced cinematography. It is the idea that counts. Take the chance to present your movie to a large audience. All pupils from class 5 to 13 are welcome to hand in their films.


Documentaries are a vital part of our festival. We hope to see the daily struggle of people in their ordinary lives. We are looking forward to seeing vast and beautiful landscapes. We are eager to get annoyed about some aspects in life that require immediate change. Many people regard the genre of documentary as the simplest one because it is often used as the first-contact-genre in short film making. Last year’s category proved the opposite and pointed out that there is a huge difference between a good documentary and a good documentary.

Free Category
Short Fiction Films, Animation, Experimental Short Films,…

It was ridiculed as the “category of the leftovers”. However, it is the largest category grasping the whole spectrum of current short film making. Half of the festival’s prize money will be awarded to the three winning films of this category. This category contains the whole spectrum of current short film making No rules concerning genre, thematic content or experience of the filmmakers. This is the category where an amateur film challenges the film of a film school graduate - and wins. Among the last Short Film Festival’s films in this category many are still remembered and found new fans on the halbbilder – Tour in 2005. Therefore, it would be unfair and more than an understatement to speak of leftovers.



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