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halbbilder 2006

23:30 Uhr
The final curtain

With the awards ceremony on Saturday evening the second International Short Film Festival  halbbilder  came to an an end. Eighty five short films from forteen nations were screened. Altogether thirty three film makers were welcomed to Magdeburg. This must be regarded as a clear sign how significant the attraction of short film on the one hand and the reputation of the young film festival in Magdeburg is.

In a retrospective the three days must be regarded as a wide range success. The audience was overwhelmed by the variety of actual short film making. Unfortunately, the attendance did not meet our expectations. One reason might be the short-dated postponement. Nevertheless, the guests who made it to the Studiokino and the Moritzhof were enthusiastic about the diversity of the programme and praised the festival.

Notably recognized were the films out of the categories „tafelbilder“ and „halbnEU“. It is these categories that resemble the main aspects of The concept of the festival. On the one hand it is our aim to encourage young people to make films, realize their ideas and present their results In front of a huge audience. On the other hand we are eager to establish ties to film makers and festivals in different countries and areas. To grasp the wide range of short film culture, it is obligatory to support an exchange of films and film makers across nation borders. Thereby, festivals should set a good example by exchanging films and more important contributing to the exchange of the people behind these films. In doing so, the discourse on shortfilm in various countries and cultural areas would be inspired.

This year we made a start by cooperating with the Dreiland-Filmfestival Görlitz/Zgorzelec ( Links) in the categorie “halbnEU”. Next year we are willing to intensify such cooperations to underline the international and the intercultural aspects of the  halbbilder  – Short Film Festival.

We would like to thank those volunteers, sponsors and foundations as well as the helping hands of the friendly society ARTist e.V. and of the Studiokino. Without their support this festival would not be possible.

If you enjoyed the festival and the films, feel free to support with a donation or by becoming a
supporting member in our friendly society.

We hope to entertain you again next year with great short films and a manifold supporting programme and we would like to thank for the
positive response you gave us.

We are looking forward to  halbbilder  2007!

Your  halbbilder  – Team


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